Thoughts on Worship

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on my blog.  Not that I haven’t had a lot of thoughts pondering in my mind and spirit.  I have just been hesitant to voice them.  But I am back now.

I’ve been using my old church hymnal in my private worship time at home.  I am completely taken with the depth of meaning in the words of the old hymns compared to the choruses we generally sing in church and bible studies these days.  It has occurred to me that most of the modern choruses and songs seem to be more focused on us than on the majesty of God.  Seems to be more like musical petitions rather than adoration, with the operative words being “I”, and “me” and “us” and “give me”.

Take a listen to these old hymns.  Pay attention to the words, and see if you pick up on the difference:

Praise to the Living God:

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty:

How Great Thou Art:

Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing:


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  1. I brought an old hymnal home too, they were getting rid of them at my old church. One thing I’ve paid attention to even in the old hymns, is words that don’t line up with His. There are several sadly. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

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